Chicago Fineblanking Corporation

601 Corporate Woods Parkway

Vernon Hills, IL
Vernon Hills, IL


Chicago Fineblanking Corporation, a specialty metal-stamping firm serving the automotive, computer, tool and electronics industries, asked for a creative design/build solution when it relocated its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to Vernon Hills, IL.

The company's specifications for the manufacturing portion meant affiliate Alter Construction Management had to eliminate the possibility that workers throughout the facility would be disturbed by noise or vibrations when the plant went on line. Because the punching process typically emits small metal particles into the atmosphere, air quality was another key concern. To resolve these issues, Alter Construction Management isolated numerous pieces of machinery on separate pads, eliminating disruptive equipment vibration. Chicago Fineblanking's high-tech precision equipment also required a carefully balanced electrical supply to assure it could function without interruption.

To accommodate future growth, Alter Construction Management worked with Chicago Fineblanking to obtain prior approval to expand the building by as much as 27,000 SF from the local zoning board. This gave Chicago Fineblanking the capability to build without going through the zoning approval process again.

The new building is a single-story, precast concrete structure with 43,000 SF of manufacturing and 7,000 SF of office space. Besides its functional goals, the building also accomplishes the company's aesthetic objective of projecting a quality corporate image while communicating an inherent sense of value.

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