Michael Alter

Nationally Renowned RE Developer, The Alter Group, Announces Rebrand of Company

Company’s New Name Signals Focus on Class A Development

CHICAGO (January 5, 2016) – The Alter Group has changed its name to Alter ( The name change is accompanied by a major rebrand of the 61-year-old national corporate real estate development firm, including a new logo and a multimedia website which launched this January.  Michael J. Alter, President of Alter, announced the expansion.

“The new name is both a recognition that we are a leaner, faster company and also that we have re-focused our strategy on our core products – Class A offices, master-planned mixed-use developments, and medical facilities under the auspices of our healthcare affiliate, Alter+Care. For more than 60 years, we have been a pioneer – first in housing communities; then in large industrial parks; and then in corporate homes for America’s most iconic brands, including AT&T, GE, Prudential and Google. Today, our mission again follows corporate America’s greatest need – to recruit and retain the best and the brightest at a time when there will be a projected shortfall of 5 million skilled workers by 2020. Alter directly addresses this by creating buildings and spaces that power productivity, knowledge transfer, engagement and innovation. Just this year, we have helped companies such as Salesforce, WeWork and GlobalTranz to create major new beachheads in important markets nationally.”

“As one of the country’s top development firms, Alter understands that building a building or executing a substantial lease is an important event in a company’s history,” said Richard M. Gatto, Executive Vice President.  “It allows a firm to express its brand in the built environment, creating a sense of culture and community among vastly different types of people. When buildings and spaces succeed, they speak equally to resident workers, mobile workers and distributed teams; at the same time they radiate an iconic image to customers and the capital markets.”

“Alter is committed to the idea of place, which means corporate real estate on a human scale,” said Randolph Thomas, Executive Vice President. “Buildings today need to promote social time and learning beyond the office through a strong surrounding context with dynamic public spaces. Over the current cycle, we have continued to created Class A high-rise offices in dense urban locations and master-planned campuses which draw thousands of people weekly because of their entertainment and lifestyle features.”

Alter is one of the nation’s leading corporate real estate development firms. Founded by William A. Alter in 1955, the company has developed close to 100,000,000 SF of speculative projects for its own portfolio and build-to-suit facilities for corporate users and was awarded NAIOP’s National Developer of the Year award.  Information at