Offices must evolve to meet multi-generational needs. Where millennials defined collaborative workspaces, Generation Z wants structure and mentoring. We develop spaces that support density and drive, augmented by the ‘internet of things’ to enhance space utilization.

Your Place

Today's workplace strategy is about more than balance; it's orchestrated experience across every facet of life, and serendipitous exchanges that power ideas and inspiration. This means every Alter building has to function as a collaborative workspace with open ideation areas, social spaces and private realms contextualized by their mixed-use environment, the sense of arrival and place, and public aesthetics.

That means working and refining the master plan and the vision of the built environment; scrutinizing the site potential, zoning intricacies, and access; and weaving together the programmatic elements to create not just a project but a place.

Ultimately, we are building for the future. A future which breaks down the demising walls between career and community; enterprise and asset; and brand and building.

  • Reimagining River North