Costco Likely Heading to Old Kiddieland Site

Melrose Park’s legendary Kiddieland amusement park may be history, but the site on the northwest corner of North and First Avenues could become home to a long-rumored Costco store.

Washington-based Costco’s Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Dick DiCerchio, has confirmed rumors about the prime site’s potential use.  According to DiCerchio, “The plans are to go forward” to purchase the site.  “We are interested and have filed a letter of intent (to purchase) with the current property owners.”

Kiddieland closed on October 4 after 81 years of operation when the property owners – the daughter and grandson of original owner Art Fritz – chose not to renew the lease with the amusement park’s operators.

The Costco stores closest to Melrose Park are in Oak Brook, Niles, and in the Clybourn Corridor on the city’s north side – all between seven and 10 miles of the near west suburban site.