Harvard Creating a Healthcare Destination in Dubai

Harvard University’s Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) advances the professional development of physicians, nurses, research scientists and allied healthcare professionals in the Persian Gulf region.  The core mission is to create an alliance between this region and the global medical community.  A secondary goal is to bring the expertise of world-class academic medical centers to the area to resolve healthcare challenges:  i.e., rapid growth, an aging population, and unique health risks due primarily to sanitation issues.

One vital constituent of the DHCC is a comprehensive wellness community that complements the medical services provided by the complex’s world-class 4.1 million SF hospital.  The wellness community – which ultimately will comprise 19 million SF — accommodates specialty clinics and the most advanced technology available to deliver quality healthcare services.  It complements the medical community’s continuum of care through its outpatient clinics, luxury spa resorts, and the full spectrum of wellness services.

The wellness community is a cluster of outpatient-clinic villas specializing in conventional and alternative medicine.  These villas are dedicated to day-surgery; cosmetic-procedure clinics; and alternative treatments such as acupuncture; chiropractic services; osteopathy; regimented diet and exercise; and specialist consultations on region-specific diseases.

In the spirit of DHCC’s reputation as an integrated healthcare destination, the wellness community eventually will include a luxury spa resort where guests enjoy a soothing and memorable visit.  One luxury five-star hotel and a more affordable three-star hotel are planned to cater to patients, their families and healthcare providers.

DHCC’s vision is to become an internationally recognized destination of choice for quality healthcare in an integrated center of excellence for clinical and wellness services, medical education and research.  DHCC’s aspiration is to be at the forefront of healthcare delivery by responding to emerging healthcare needs.