Inland Empire Poised for Industrial Comeback

Over the past decade, California’s Inland Empire has been transformed from a little-known region with affordable housing and lots of inexpensive land into an industrial hub – thanks to its proximity to the busy Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  With the City of Ontario embarking on The Ontario Plan, city fathers are laying the groundwork for increased investment over the next 30 to 40 years.  The plan’s goal is to create an all-inclusive community where people and businesses will want to be.

According to Mary Jane Olhasso, economic development director for the City of Ontario, “Although firms are pulling back, they still realize that the region has competitive advantages over our coastal neighbors.  In Ontario, both industrial and office lease rates are lower than Los Angeles and Orange County.”

The Inland Empire’s industrial market is in a prime position to recover when the economy improves because the region is notable for its relatively low-cost housing, large workforce and vital location relative to international shipping.  With 40 percent of all containerized cargo entering the United States through Southern California ports, the Inland Empire is the logical location for gigantic distribution centers to handle the freight prior to shipping it throughout the United States.