Netflix Beats Blockbuster

While Blockbuster may have at one time ruled the world of video rentals, in recent years it has been overtaken by Netflix.  The internet-based DVD movie and television rental-by-mail service, which came to so dominate the market, has forced Blockbuster into bankruptcy.  I wrote about this for the Huffington Post back in January, but I saw this cool graphic recently which illustrates this David and Goliath story compellingly.

According to the Daily Infographic website, Netflix has become so popular that, “Once having drawn in $6 billion in revenue, Blockbuster now owes millions to companies like Fox, Warner Brothers and Sony.  With their radically different business model and youthful appeal, Netflix shows how a small company can come in at any time and take out a giant.  Netflix knew what the people wanted, they wanted their movies delivered to them and they wanted as many as they could get in while paying a set price each month.”

Netflix gives the public what they want.