Young Entrepreneur Responds to Recession

Jason Sadler, a 26-year-old former marketing professional from Florida has resolved his unemployment woes  by founding his own company – I Wear Your Shirt.  The entrepreneurial concept is simple.  Sadler wears a T-shirt provided by any company for a day and uses social media tools to promote the firm.  And it’s earning Sadler nearly $85,000 this year.

The cost for Sadler’s service is the face value of the day.  On January 1, he charges just $1; that rises to $365 by December 31.  All 2009 dates are taken, and Sadler’s 2010 calendar is rapidly filling up with companies who want to take advantage of his promotional expertise.

If Sadler sells out every day – as he did in 2009 – iwearyourshirt earns $66,795 a year.  He also sells monthly sponsorships for $1,500, which adds an additional $18,000.  “I walk around, take photos, wear the shirt all day…I blog about those photos.  I put ’em up on Twitter, I change my Facebook profile…and then I do a Youtube video,” Sadler said.

Sadler’s success is such that he plans to grow his business.  He wants to hire someone on the West Coast to expand’s exposure.  Once he is able to offer coverage on both coasts, Sadler is doubling his rates.